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Reiki blog Blog - My life with Reiki in Japan

This blog is about my inner journey with Reiki.
Reiki is not just a healing technique; it is an ancient art of living that originated in Japan. I’m sharing my insights and experiences with the energy as a Japanese Reiki Master.
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Reiki story
5. Sokutenkyoshi (則天去私) - Transcend Yourself

August 23, 2022
Soseki Natsume's word "Sokutenkyoshi - 則天去私” is where I'm heading to on my spiritual journey.

Reiki story
4. To become a Reiki channel - Importance of surrendering

August 19, 2022
Your clients are giving you precious moments to feel the love you have. Be grateful for the opportunities. Your clients will be healed by your energy, not by your techniques. When you become full of love, healing magic starts happening.

3. How I got into Reiki (3) - Becoming a Reiki Master

November 19, 2017
Passion, perseverance, and faith in myself were the keys to my success.
It is not about how much money or recognition I can obtain that defines my success. It all comes down to how much joy and gratitude I derive from the experience.

2. How I got into Reiki (2)- My first encounter with Reiki

November 18, 2017
You can simply call them "coincidences". However, small coincidences that occurred were significant signals for me.
Something sparked in me, and I began to listen to myself.

1. How I got into Reiki (1)- Beginning of my Reiki Journey

November 17, 2017
I had no idea what Reiki was. I was very skeptical about energy.
However, Reiki called me, and that was the beginning.


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