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Reiki & Kinesiology in Tokyo, Japan Contact

Classes and sessions are scheduled by appointment only.
In your first e-mail, please include the information below.



Inform me if you prefer specific dates, weekdays or weekends, morning or afternoon etc...
Please provide me with several options if possible.

*Classes usually start at 1pm and finish in 4 to 5 hours. (Morning classes may be available. Please contact me for the details.)

*Sessions can be scheduled between 10am to 5pm.


I'm unable to arrange a pre-class Q&A video chat due to a full schedule focused on individualized sessions.
For insights into my teaching approach, I encourage you to explore my website.
If you have any inquiries or concerns, please feel free to reach out via email. I'm more than happy to address them.
With 15 years teaching Reiki in Japanese and English to diverse students, despite English not being my native language, I'm fluent and ensure effective communication.

Reiki & Kinesiology in Tokyo, Japan Location

About 10 minutes from JR Nakano station (Tokyo, Japan)

Chuo line 
Sobu line

Tozai line

to Nakano

Tokyo Train
The detailed direction from Nakano station will be provided when your booking is confirmed.

Reiki & Kinesiology in Tokyo, Japan Accommodation

I don't provide accommodation, but Tokyo has plenty of options to suit different budgets.
Nakano, where I'm located, is pretty convenient to get to from most places in Tokyo.

- Koenji Area -
Koenji is just 1 stop from Nakano. This hotel is located right above Koenji station. If you are tired of busy and commercial areas in Tokyo, this neighborfood probably will make you feel like a local, but still accessible to any areas in Tokyo

Hotel METS Koenji
Address : 2-5-1 Koenji Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0002 JAPAN
Tel : +81-3-5327-0011
Trip Advisor

- Shinjuku area -
JR Shinjuku station is just 1 stop on the express train (about 5 minutes train ride) from Nakano station and very convenient to go anywhere in Tokyo and the surrounded areas. There are a lot of accomodations in various price ranges.

Hotels in Shinjuku


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