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August 19, 2022

What is Reiki To Become a Reiki Channel- Importance of Surrendering

The audio is created using text-to-speech technology. Some Japanese-based vocabulary and name pronunciations may be inaccurate.

Reiki is very simple. 
A Reiki healer serves as a channel to receive Reiki energy from the Universe. 
You do not need to concentrate or focus when using Reiki. When giving Reiki treatments to others, you don't have to think, "I have to help her/him," or "I have to relieve the pain." Because you are not the one who helps the receiver. You are merely a channel, and whatever happens next is entirely up to the Universe.

Everyone has the ability to heal themselves. Your clients may be experiencing a great deal of pain or difficulty, and they may not know how to deal with it. But they still have the ability to heal themselves. They just aren't aware of it yet.

As a Reiki healer, all you have to do during a treatment is
trust the receiver that she/he has the power to heal themselves,
trust yourself that you can connect with Reiki and share it with the receiver,
and most importantly, trust the Universe.

If you can trust everything in this way, you can just relax and surrender yourself. If you surrender yourself, you can go with the energy flow.
You simply flow with the receiver.
It is a very peaceful and timeless moment.
You receive the benefits of Reiki as well as the receiver you are working on.
You never get tired or exchange negative energy in this way.
Reiki is very safe and has no harmful side effects as long as you don't use your mind and ego to control or change people and/or situations.
Even if you believe it is a good change, you never use Reiki to change or control.

Surrendering yourself should be easy, but it is actually very difficult for most of us.
That is why it is critical to work on yourself on a daily basis in order to heal, cleanse, and ultimately transcend yourself

You don't focus on what will happen after treatment. Your focus is on what you can do right now, and you will do your best with your love and compassion, because you can't do anything more. Focusing on something you can't do is a waste of energy.
If you focus on yourself and forget about everything else, you will be filled with a lot of love and allow yourself to enjoy the moment that Reiki brings.
If you surrender yourself in this manner, things naturally start going well.

At the end of each Reiki treatment, you always do Gassho (prayer hands) and bow to finish. It shows your gratitude and respect for the receiver and the Universe for giving you the great opportunity to feel and share the energy of love, which is Reiki.

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