Reiki with a Japanese Usui Reiki Master in Tokyo - 東京都中野区のレイキヒーリング、レイキクラス

In the heart of bustling Tokyo, Japan, experience the benefits of calming Reiki healing. Reiki trainings (Reiki Attunements) and Reiki treatments are available in both English and Japanese by a Japanese Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.

レイキヒーリングセッション、レイキクラス(アチューンメント・伝授)を東京都中野区の隠れ家ヒーリングサロンにて行っています。 レイキのエネルギーは心身のエネルギーバランスを整え、精神的、肉体的な不調を改善していくのにとても効果的です。 都会の喧騒を少しの間忘れて、心と体の声に耳を澄ましてみませんか?

Full Moon Meditation Event - Worldwide Distant Full Moon Meditation

The full moon is a powerful time for purification and self-healing.
Join us for a 30-minute distant meditation from anywhere in the world to share positive energy and feel connected with other like-minded people from all over the world!

Reiki Blog Blog - My life with Reiki in Japan (Text and Audio in English)

This blog is about my inner journey with Reiki.
Reiki is not just a healing technique; it is an ancient art of living that originated in Japan. I’m sharing my insights and experiences with the energy as a Japanese Reiki Master.

Reiki in Osaka Reiki Courses and Events in Osaka

I usually offer Reiki courses and healing sessions in Tokyo.
However, Reiki courses and events in English may be available in Osaka on an occasional basis. If you would like more information on upcoming events, please contact me.

Mt.Kurama in Kyoto Reiki's birth place, Mt.Kurama in Kyoto

Exploring Mt. Kurama offers a few hours of serenity.
You will be surrounded by amazing nature and energy while you are hiking in the mountain. It's a perfect place for a retreat to rejuvenate your body and mind.
Close your eyes for a few moments. Flow into the history of Reiki and go back in time to when Usui sensei was meditating and receiving Reiki energy there.


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