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Mt. Kurama in Kyoto Reiki's birth place, Mt. Kurama

Mount Kurama is where Mikao Usui (a founder of Reiki) received Reiki energy.
It's one of the Kansai's most powerful energy spots.

The trip to Kurama and Kibune offers a few hours of serenity. It is an easy to moderate hike. You will be surrounded by the amazing nature and the energy during the walk. It's a perfect place for a retreat to refresh your body and mind.

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---Annual Observances---

★ Hatsutora Festival (初寅大祭)

(First day of the Tiger of the new year)
Since long ago, people have come on this day to pray for the realization of their deepest wishes, prosperous business and happiness.

★ Setsubun Exorcism Ceremony (節分追儺式)

(February 3rd or 4th)
The exorcism ceremony has been performed in the inner palace since the Heian period. Included are "Reed Arrows" are dispensed.

★ Hanakuyo (花供養)

(the middle of April, upon the blooming of the Uzu Cherry)
Offering of flowers to the deity in appreciation for the abundance of flora and fauna on kurama.

★ Wesak Festival (五月満月祭)

(evening during the full moon in May)
A mysterious festival with an international flavor celebrating the protector deity which is held on the evening of the full moon in May.

★ Takekiri Ceremony (竹伐り会式)

(June 20 at 2:00 pm)
One thousand years ago, a saint subdued a couple of serpents on this monuntain. Acting out this legend, two groups of priests compete in cutting up large bamboo poles representing the serpents.

★ Nyoho Shakyoe (如法写経会)

(held for three days beginning August 1st)
A traditional observance held annually for over 800 years where the individual sits among the singing birds and cool breezes while contemplating the origin of the true self.

★ Yoshitsune Festival (義経祭)

(September 15)
Festival commemorating Yoshitsune where young kendo students test their skills in dedicatory matches.

★ Great Autumn Festival (秋の酬徳会)

(October 14)
Festival commemorating the establishment of the Kurama Kokyo sect as an independent sect of Buddhism.

★ Fire Festival of Kurama (鞍馬の火祭)

(October 22)
This festival is held for Yuki Shrine.

(This information is from the brochure they provide at the entranc of Mt. Kurama. )

--- How to get to Mt. Kurama---

From Demachi-Yanagi station, take Eizan line to Kurama station. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Kurama station (14 stops) which is the last stop. You will enjoy the green tunnel during the train ride.
If you are in Osaka, you can take Keihan line Express from Yodoyabashi, Kitahama, Tenmabashi or Kyobashi station to Demachiyanagi station.
It's about 1 hour train ride.

From Kyoto station, take Nara line to Tohukuji station (1 stop for 2 minutes), then transfer to Keihan line to Demach-Yanagi station. Take Eizan line to Kurama from Demachi-Yanagi.

You can also take Kyoto bus from Kyoto station to Demachi-Yanagi station. (about 30 minutes, 13 stops)

To return from Kibune, take Kyoto bus to Kibuneguchi station on Eizan line.


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