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Facial Harmony Balancing Sessions Facial Harmony Balancing

How we think and feel is instantly and often habitually reflected in our faces.
The Facial Harmony Balancing treatment is predominantly focused on the face, head and neck. These areas hold much of the body's psychological and emotional tension.
This gentle and unique work unravels years of tension as you drift into a deep state of meditative bliss.

In a Facial Harmony Balancing session, the meridians on the face, head and neck are stimulated with a tender touch so that a natural facelift occurs without the use of any cosmetic or medical product.
A change may also occur at an emotional level. We know how stress can tense our features but just the same mechanism can in turn release it: the moment muscle tensions that are connected to feelings of sorrow or anger are released, feelings of happiness and joy are allowed in.

After a Facial Harmony Balancing treatment, many people experience a deep inner calmness and a feeling of satisfied placidity.
The treatment is a process that results in facial transformation and overall rejuvenation at the cellular level.
This treatment relieves years of stress from your face and diffuses energy blocks throughout your whole being.

Sessions usually last approximately 60 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

After only one session, changes may be seen and felt.
For an optimal result, a series of seven sessions is recommended.

NOTE: Facial Harmony Balancing is not medical treatments. Please do not replace medication with it.

Session Fees
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