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Kinesiology Sessions Kinesiology Sessions

Currently I'm not accepting new clients for kinesiology.

At an initial Kinesiology session, we will discuss what are the concerns in your life you would like to work on. It could be a specific area (relationship, work, study, etc.), or specific issue (pain, digestion, skin problem, etc.), or it could be more general.
The treatment can be effective for a very wide variety of conditions.
Once we have a shared understanding of the issues to work on, you will lie face up on the massage table.

During the session I will use muscle monitoring techniques to detect any imbalances in your body.

Various techniques are used that will be indicated by your body such as:

☆ Neurolymphatic Points
☆ Neurovascular Points
☆ Meredian
☆ Metaphor
☆ Flower Essences
☆ Aroma Therapy
☆ Color Therapy
☆ EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

Kinesiology treatment uses the body’s own biofeedback system through gentle muscle testing to discover the root causes and necessary treatment to relieve discomfort and heal the problem.

Sessions usually last approximately 90 minutes.

Please wear comfortable pants.

How many sessions will I need?

It depends on the individual, however if you are new, a series of 3 sessions spaced over 1 to 2 months is recommended.
This way you give yourself time to adjust to the healing process and new changes in your life.
Healing and creating balance do require your commitment and willingness to change. It is the starting point of a new, exciting discovery of life and yourself.

NOTE: Kinesiology is not medical treatments. Please do not replace medication with it.

Session Fees

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