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Fibonacci Sound Healing Fibonacci Sound Healing

The Fibonacci Sound Healing is a very powerful healing modality that works for physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level.

The tuning forks are applied to the activation points located on your body relating to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels of the acupuncture system. The sound penetrates as effective as needles.

The special frequencies of sound based on the Fibonacci sequence act as the perfect carrier of intention that unseen aid in any moment of healing.

Some of the benefits of the Fibonacci healing

★ Deep relaxation

★ Precise balancing, alignment and tuning of the whole energetic system

★ Accessing the original energy “blue print” to aid in healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual trauma

★ Completion and healing of old habits and patterns that no longer serve receiving a final push towards the new life phase

Sessions usually last approximately 60 minutes.

fibonacci sound healing

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NOTE: The Fibonacci Sound Healing is not medical treatments. Please do not replace medication with it.

Session Fees

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